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62 Ferrari F40s Lap Silverstone in Unison

Ferrari sets a new world record in England with their sensational iconic supercar.

Ferrari has a history of setting records at the Silverstone track in the UK, and this past weekend saw the famed Italian brand at it again with a record-setting 62 Ferrari F40s taking part in a parade. We first reported on Ferrari's world record-breaking plans for Silverstone last week and now we have confirmation that the first part of their plans has come to fruition. All in all, only 1,315 F40s were ever built, of which 62 came to the circuit for the gathering - the vast majority of them coming from within the UK.

The F40, with its 3.0-liter twin-turbo V8, stands as a prototypical supercar and was the first to break the 200mph barrier. This marks the first phase of Ferrari's monumental record-breaking campaign, with phase two to come in September when the Italian automaker will round up over 600 Ferraris for the largest ever parade of the brand's models.

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