620hp SLS AMG Roadster Roars, Thanks to Domanig

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The SLS AMG Roadster gets a power upgrade courtesy of Domanig Autodesign.

Domanig Autodesign out of Grossostheim, Germany, has released yet another aftermarket program concerning a high-end Mercedes model. Their new project based on the SLS AMG Roadster comes on the heels of their work on the C63 AMG Black Series and SLK55 AMG and features a significant power boost for the drop-top Benz. Starting under the high-end roadster's hood, the SLS AMG's 6.3-liter V8 has been enhanced through the use of sports catalysts, quad-exhaust and an ECU remap.

The engine now cranks out 620 horsepower, up from its stock number of 563hp. Domanig has also added a new KW coilover suspension system for a lower ride height while a new set of questionable wheels give the SLS AMG Roadster some new personality, even if it is a personality no one likes. They have chosen DOM03 wheels on the front which measure 11-inches wide and 20-inches in diameter. DOM06 wheels have been added to the rear, both of which measure 12x21. All four have been wrapped in Michelin Super Sport high-performance tires.

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