63 Quattroporte Owners Warned of Fire Hazard

Yes, only 63 owners are affected by this recall.

Count them: just 63 2014 Maserati Quattroportes have been recalled due to an electrical issue that could potentially cause a fire. Maserati claims the specific issue involves an "improper Y-connection crimp in the alternator-starter motor wiring harness." Translation: this could cause an electrical short that not only could start a fire, but also lead to the car stalling. Obviously Maserati will fix the problem at no charge for the grand total of 63 owners affected.

Specifically, the Quattroporte trim involved here is the GTS V8. The base price alone for a new Quattroporte is $102,500, but the GTS V8 carries a sticker price of $140,500 without any added options. All new Quattroportes are equipped with a new twin-turbo V8, but the base engine is a 3.0-liter unit with 404 horsepower. The optional engine, the one involved in this recall, is a 3.8-liter with 523 hp.

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