66 Photos at 100 mph: 'Drive' The Book About Car-Driver Relationships

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Drive, a coffee-table book, has recorded drivers in their cars.

Cars are not just vehicles, the people driving them are not only drivers, and the combination of both of those elements is greater than the sum of the two (which is probably car and driver [not the mag]). Andrew Bush's new coffee-table title "Drive" may not be the most original title, however it does presents an original point of view on the car-driver relationship relative to the objects photographed.Bush fixed his camera at the same height and the same angle, side view, 4-5 ft above the ground, and pressed the button as the cars flashed across the lens.

The result is numerous photographs of all sorts of cars and all kind of drivers in various postures: concentrated on driving, reading magazines, bored to death or just yawning. The number of cars, drivers and postures is as far and wide as human beings can produce. In the photographs, only few of the people notice the camera. In only a handful of cars is there more than one person (the driver), so reactions and relationships between passengers and drivers are hardly analyzed.The photographs are accompanied by captions with the date, time and location of which they were taken. The cars and drivers, however, remain anonymous.

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