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'67 Plymouth Barracuda Made This Guy Love America

"On the straightaways, it's goodbye Porsche."

Bob Gough has been a car guy since he was a kid, but a move to France when he was 13 steered him away to European sports cars. Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Porsche and other small and nimble sports cars became the object of his car passions. That is, until, when he was 19 and back in the US. It was 1967 and the Plymouth Barracuda Formula S had just been unveiled. At that moment, he no longer looked down at American muscle.

This particular Barracuda, unlike other American sports cars of its era, had a better engineered suspension and brake package that allowed it to handle curvy roads without going off the pavement. After owning the car for 23 years, Gough proudly admits it’s a car that’ll never be done.

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