696 HP 'Draguar' is No Ordinary Jaguar

A 1974 Jaguar XJ12 is given a new lease on life as the crew at Hot Rod magazine prepare to give it a new long block V8.

The guys over at Hot Rod magazine have been working on an interesting project as of late. Some time ago they bought a 1974 Jaguar XJ12 with a Chevy small-block V8 under the hood for just $1,000. They installed a supercharger and when they took the car to a drag race, sure enough, the engine overheated. But they’re not giving up on the car that easily. Host Mike Finnegan ordered a brand-new 383 long block engine that can safely produce 650 horsepower with 91 octane fuel.

Thing is, Finnegan wouldn’t be a true hot rod enthusiast if he didn’t crank things up a notch or three, so he added 118 octane race fuel and upped the boost to 15 psi in order to make 700 hp. Check out the full video to whether another engine was destroyed.

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