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7 Awesome Reasons To Love This Beautiful Porsche 918

What’s not to love?

Without making any changes, the Porsche 918 Spyder is practically perfection on wheels. This exquisitely designed hypercar pumps out nearly 900 horsepower and has a hefty price tag of around $900,000. Only 918 of these beauties will ever be produced, so seeing one in person is always something special. However, if there’s anything that might make a Porsche 918 any better, this is it. This special 918 sports a Tron-themed paint job with black matte finish and acid green accents lining the body edges, calipers and rims.

In this video, the owner, Alejandro Salomon, takes us for a test drive and explains just why he loves the car so damn much. As if it required any explanation.

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