7 Cars That Owners Hated In 2015

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They won't be buying these again in a hurry.

You do hours of research, scour the internet for reviews, and still end up buying a piece of crap. OK, so these aren't the worst cars ever made, but according to Consumer Reports, owners that bought the following seven models regretted their decision. 230,000 people responded to Consumer Reports' annual satisfaction survey and Nissan in particular took one hell of a beating. The Altima (Sedan) was described as horrible and irritating, the Quest (Minivan) as having poor visibility and the Frontier (Pickup) was castigated for its poor fuel economy and terrible turning radius.

The Mercedes CLA (Luxury) felt cheap for a Benz with a rough and noisy ride, the Hyundai Veloster (Sporty) lacked power (no shit), and the Jeep Compass had poor gas mileage and was condemned for being under equipped for the price. And the overall winner? The car that respondents were unhappy about than any other, was the Kia Rio.

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