7 Fiat 850 Spiders Are Going To The Crusher If Somebody Doesn't Buy Them

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What have you got to lose? Only money, marriage, self-esteem.

The Fiat 850 Spider may at first be mistaken for an Alfa Romeo Spider, but chances are the Fiat was even less reliable. "Fix It Again Tony," as the old saying goes. Get it? But the 850 lineup, built from 1964 until 1973, was offered in several body styles, but the Coupe and Spider were definitely the prettiest. Powered by an 843 cc engine with only 49 hp, the 850 Spider was actually styled and built by Bertone in Turin, Italy.

Eventually, US-spec versions were offered with a more powerful 903 cc engine with (holy crap!) 52 hp. But the 850 Spider was a great-looking little Italian roadster. And here's your chance to own seven for only $2,000. The ass-engined Spiders, ranging in model years from 1969 to '72, will be sent to the crusher if no one buys them. All can be used for parts or restoration, if you've got the guts, time, and bank account that you won't mind seeing depleted. The Silver City, New Mexico-based Craigslist seller claims two of the cars are titled in his name, another two are coupes, and all seven have their engines intact. It'd really be a damn shame if they became scrap metal. So, anyone out there willing to take on this project?

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