7 Insane Sports Cars To Bring Home To The Family

Maybe everybody can have a "race wife" someday.

Acouple of weeks ago, we showed you the insane Ferrari FXX K that Google exec Benjamin Sloss bought for his wife Christine, a woman who is as crazyabout driving as every last gearhead out there. But as we all know, not allwives are as involved or forgiving when it comes to their husbands' passion forsupercars or desire to own a sports car. Our favorite cars don't make muchsense when it comes to daily driving or hauling a family and its gear. But whatif each of these cars were offered with a family-friendly wagon orshooting brake body style?.

Enter Rain Prisk Designs. Working its imagination overtime, the design studiohas released renderings of seven hot sports cars turned family haulers. Theseven wagons/shooting brakes include a BMW i8, Mustang GT, Subaru BRZ, NissanGT-R Wagon, Dodge Viper, 2016 Camaro SS and Aston Martin. Sure, these are justfantasies that would never really make it into production or even make anysense, but some of them are so hot that they might make you rethink the way youlook at the models they are based on. Which one would you choose to bring hometo the family?

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