7 Insider Tips On How To Beat A Car Salesman At His Own Game


Brought to you by those in the know.

The day has come to buy a new car. The excitement of getting behind the wheel of a new ride hits you the moment you open your eyes. But you could end up crying yourself to sleep that night if you don’t bring your a-game to the car dealership. Not every sales guy (or gal) is looking to rip you off, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come prepared to do battle. A car is a serious investment. So treat it as such. These top insider tips from former car salesman are worth reading, sharing, and keeping in mind before heading to the car lot.

1. Never Negotiate. Come tothe showroom with a figure in mind and stick to it. Be polite, firm, anddirect. Tell the sales guy your price and instruct them to get the paperwork ready ifthey can match it. Leave them your phone number, and walk away if they can’t. They’llbe calling you quite soon if your price was in fact a fair one to begin with.

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2. Choose The Timing Of YourFollow-Up Call Wisely. If you haven’t received a call, don’t assume the deal isdead. Call up the dealer and ask to speak with the sales guy you dealt withbefore on a weekend an hour before closing time; on the last day of the month; or on days when the weather is terrible. A chance to make one more deal beforethe end of the day on a bad weekend, or before the end of the month when saleshave been slow, or on the day of a major snowstorm when foot traffic has beennon-existent can suddenly make your original price look very attractive.

3. Know What The Car is WorthAnd Offer Up To $1,000 Less. “True Market” estimates can be found on sites likeEdmunds.com. Once you have that, be aggressive and tell the dealer you’ll drivethe car away today if he knocks off $500-1000. If you’re patient, call up asmany dealers as you can, then you may well find a dealer willing to make onemore deal that day and dip into their financial reserve.

4. Always Be Polite andRespectful. It may sound obvious, but a car dealer is more likely to work hardto make a deal happen for you if you treat them with respect instead of like apiece of shit. Plus, customer satisfaction scores matter to dealerships. Dealers know a courteous customer is more likely going to leave a glowingreview. That’s an extra bit of incentive for them to make a deal happen.

5. Tip Your Sales Guy. Thismight sound odd, but sometimes commission on a car, especially if it’s a loserdeal, can be less than a hundred bucks. Offering a tip can really help to incentivizea dealer to find you the best deal possible. 6. Repeat The Process With AllYour Local Dealerships. Check which dealers have the car you want, and reachout to all of them. Present your terms and let them fight it out for yourbusiness. 7. Secure Your Own Financing.Dealers can make a tidy sum on finance but you can usually secure financingelsewhere with more attractive rates.