7 New Cars That Will Become Future Collectibles

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We think these cars will only go up in value.

Some people think that the whole "collector car" market is a bubble waiting to burst. We don't necessarily love the idea of buying a car just to flip it and make a profit, but as long as it's happening we'll keep analyzing the situation. Everyone wants to know what the next car that will appreciate is going to be. We don't have a crystal ball, but we've been right in the past with cars like the 996 Turbo and F430 manual. Here are seven brand-new cars that we think could be nice collectible assets in the future.


The new 991.2 GT2 RS is the most powerful 911 ever and will be limited to just 1,000 units. This car will be an instant collectible and will probably trade at double or triple its initial price of $289,000. The previous 997 GT2 RS is currently trading at well above its original price, so we have no doubt that this 700-hp beast will be extremely collectible.

The AMG GT-R is the most hardcore version of the AMG GT sports car. The last track-focused model from Mercedes was the SLS Black Series, which is now worth more than its original asking price. Mercedes says that it will build 2,000 examples of the GT-R for $157,995 each. This is far less than a similarly quick Porsche 911 GT3 RS. We think that Mercedes has priced this car too low, and the market will certainly inflate the price of this rare model with markups.

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The initial hype and dealer markup that surrounded the Dodge Challenger Hellcat has finally died down. This hype has now shifted to the long-awaited Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and the more powerful Demon. However, we think that the Hellcat hype will be ramped up as soon as the Widebody models reach showrooms. We have no doubt that the Demon will appreciate like crazy, but it will also be extremely difficult to obtain. Those that can't get their hands on a Demon allocation will have to settle for the recently revealed Hellcat Widebody, which has added grip from the Demon's fender flares.


We love the new Audi RS3 and TT RS and think that both cars are relative performance bargains. Both cars are powered by a wonderful 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine with 400 hp. Unfortunately, both cars have been predicatbly hyped up. This means that Audi dealerships have begun to charge a dealer markup on both models. If you want one of these cars, you'll probably have to pony up an extra $10,000. The hype for these cars should eventually die down, but the original TT RS has actually done a good job of holding value and not depreciating as much as we'd expect of a German luxury car.


Porsche finally listened to its fans and decided to offer the 991.2 GT3 with a manual transmission option. This is great news, but there's a catch. The manual transmission models won't be built until later in the production run. Manual GT3 owners will have to wait a while to take delivery of their car, but their patience will be rewarded. These cars will likely be collectible in the future and should command a hefty premium over PDK models.

If the BMW 1 Series M is any indication, the new M2 should hold its value quite well. We think that the manual models will be more desirable than their DCT counterparts, and the most desirable color will be the rare Austin Yellow. BMW don't offer individual paint on the M2, with Blue, Black, Grey and White the only official colors. BMW did, however, make a few examples of the M2 in the M4's Austin Yellow . The photo of this M2 comes from @todorov5 on Instagram.

The Ford Fiesta ST is the cheapest car on our list, but it also one of the most fun to drive. The Fiesta ST has been the opposite of a good investment so far, and prices have sank down to less than $12,000 in some cases. However, there is a very real chance that Ford will discontinue the Fiesta in the US and leave us without the wonderful ST, at which point prices will begin to surge. We urge anyone that wants one of these amazing hot hatchbacks to go out and buy one now before they may be gone forever.

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