7 Reasons Why Jeremy Clarkson Smacked His Producer In The Face

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The definitive list.

Speculation has been rife from all corners of the community as to why longstanding Top Gear presenter and British TV icon Jeremy Clarkson punched young producer Oisin Tymon in the face last week. Putting aside the repercussions of his actions for a moment, we want to consider what lead the 54-year-old broadcaster to lash out. We’re sure there are more, but we’ve come up with seven reasons, revealed in no particular order.

He was hungry. Nobody likes working on an empty stomach. NOW WHERES MY FCUKING STEAK!

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He was drunk. May and Hammond have already admitted Clarkson was a little bit tipsy. Alcohol-fuelled violence is nothing new in the UK.

He was hungry AND drunk. Being pissed and ravenous is a dangerous, you could say "punchy," combination.

The producer was Irish. Controversial reason, but Clarkson is known for having deep-seated xenophobia.

He wanted to get sacked. As the BBC’s biggest cash cow, it would take something massive, like punching a producer in the face, for the BBC to terminate Clarkson’s contract. Which is perhaps exactly what he wanted given the lucrative offers he has subsequently received and doubtless been offered previously.

He’s just a typical English thug. The 34-year-old victim who felt the brunt of Clarkson’s uppercut recently admitted he didn’t want Clarkson to be fired, but to seek anger management instead. Clearly Clarkson has a temper he finds difficult to control. The English love a good fight, and he’s about as English as they come.

The producer told Clarkson his favorite car is a Toyota Prius. If that’s true, the smack was totally justified.