Drag Race

7-Second GT-R Wrecks In Spectacular Fashion Due To Self-Inflicted Accident

This is the automotive equivalent of slipping on a banana peel.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong at a drag strip. Cars can explode or crash into one another or tires can blow and cause crashes. This video involves destruction of the self-inflicted variety. First and foremost the driver and the GT-R are okay (the latter was mended). Now that’s out of the way, here’s what you need to know. This Godzilla apparently runs quarter-miles in the sevens and was finishing up a run at a drag strip in Ohio when an oil line burst, causing it to lose control.

You can’t see the crash too well but the launch and aftermath were all filmed. This video serves as a sobering reminder that cars tuned to be this quick are incredibly dangerous to drive even under controlled circumstances.

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