7 Things That Could Happen To A BMW M4 When You Have It Coded

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The best part: factory warranties are unaffected.

Here's the thing with many new cars: they're just as much a computer as transportation. Turning on headlights is no longer just a flick of a switch; software often specifically controls the precise brightness level, notably with LEDs. There are many things pre-programmed software controls but, if you know what you're doing, these settings can be altered. Nick Murray, that crazy Kiwi who has a thing for BMW M4 winter shenanigans, recently met up with a friend who has the right equipment (uh, a laptop) to alter the factory code settings.

It's ridiculously easy to do, and here are the seven "new" settings (after the video):

1. Windows roll up by holding down lock, w/3 second delay 2. DVD allows for play in motion 3. Rear and Side View Cameras work in motion 4. Disable Amber Side Markers 5. Brake Force Display - 3rd Brake light blinks when braking hard 6. Disable Legal Disclaimer on Navigation and Cameras 7. Full European Anti-Dazzle LED Headlights

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