7 Things That Make Teens Terrible Drivers


Distracted teens more like to crash, AAA says.

Itshould probably come as no surprise to anyone that certain distractions make some driversmore prone to be involved in serious car crashes. Certainly not when we're talkingabout teens: newly-licensed drivers that have little or no experience behindthe wheel and a lot of impressing to do. In fact, 16-19-year-old teens have thehighest crash rates of any other group of drivers on the road, with 963,000 of theminvolved in accidents reported to the police in 2013.

Butaccording to a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, thereare actually certain distractions that are more likely to cause accidents amongteen drivers. In fact, according to AAA, 6 out of 10 teen accidents ratedmoderate to severe are directly related to this cause. AAA found the mostcommon attention-grabbing activities that led to the researched accidentsincluded a broad range of behaviors that really have nothing to do withdriving. The top-seven activities included interaction with passengers (15%), cell phone use (12%), looking at something inside the car (10%) or outside the car (9%), singing or dancing (6%), reaching for something (6%) and grooming (6%).

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