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7 Unique Features Of The Lexus UX

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Each of which was perfected by science.

When we first drove the new Lexus UX, we were impressed with how much thought and effort went into making it feel premium like a Lexus should. The UX is available in UX200 and UX250h guises with 169 horsepower or 175 hp respectively, the latter of which achieves up to 41 mpg in the city and up to 38 mpg on the highway. We know the UX is packed with technology and Lexus has even had a laugh joking about made up technology to protect football quarterbacks. In order to demonstrate how well the UX is engineered, Lexus has published a list of seven unique features that have been perfected using science.

The first of these features is the sound made when the doors are closed. You may not think a lot of effort would go into such a minor detail but Lexus' acoustics engineers worked with neurologists to determine how the door closing sound triggered reactions in the brain. The final adjustments to the doors were made in tenths of a millimeter of the tolerance range.

Thesecond detail is the Sashiko sewing technique on the leather seats. The Sashiko technique is typically used on judo and kendo suits and the pattern was designed on a computer to mimic the UX's grille. Third on the list is the LED light found on the air vent controls, which is meant to make the knob seem larger with more depth.

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The remaining well-engineered features include the safe window system, which can prevent objects or fingers from getting jammed; intelligent windscreen wipers, which can reduce the speed of the wipers and stop them when a door is opened; the clever luggage cover, which can be taken off and stored when not in use; and the high precision tailgate, which is fitted with 200 reference points to ensure a perfect fit and error-free operation. Next time you hop into a Lexus UX, you'll notice these tiny yet significant details.