700-HP Aston Martin Vanquish Mid-Engine Supercar Is Dead

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The demise of the so-called "entry-level Valhalla" has officially been confirmed.

According to several reports, the long-awaited return of the Vanquish nameplate is in doubt, as Aston Martin has confirmed that the mid-engine supercar it was developing has been put on ice indefinitely.

The Vanquish was in line for a revival for the past few years, but in 2020, Aston Martin said that it would switch from its traditional front-engine layout for the nameplate, creating a third mid-engine Aston alongside the Valhalla and the insane V12-powered Valkyrie. At the time, we were led to believe that a new in-house-developed V6 would power the Vanquish, offering over 700 horsepower.

Speaking with Car and Driver, an Aston Martin spokesperson confirmed that the Vanquish had been canceled, while Motor1 got a response saying that the brand is "moving away" from the Vanquish and its "mid-engine V6 design."

The wording in the latter response is particularly intriguing, suggesting that the project may simply take a new focus.

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Aston Martin has not explicitly said that the Vanquish name is gone forever, and the choice of wording in its latter statement above could indicate nothing more than a change in direction, which we already knew of.

At the launch of the DBX707, then-CEO Tobias Moers told CarBuzz that the aforementioned in-house-developed V6 had not even begun development, and over a year ago, Aston Martin teased a new production version of the Valhalla that was expected to arrive with an AMG-developed twin-turbo V8 generating 740 hp - and that was before accounting for a hybrid system that would ultimately boost total output to 937 hp.

This power plant could surely still be repurposed for another mid-engine sports car, and even without the hybrid element, it would be an exciting proposition. Aston Martin went to the trouble of creating a concept, and it was well-received, so what gives?

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We already know that mid-engine Astons will be limited editions going forward. Already in June, executive chairman Lawrence Stroll confirmed that plans for a mass-produced mid-engine supercar (the Vanquish) had come to an end and that any future mid-engine cars would be made in small volumes.

Vanquish is too important a name to leave on ice forever, and although it may not arrive with a V6 and may not arrive in the next couple of years, its return will surely happen someday. In the meantime, perhaps the Vanguard name we discovered earlier this year will find itself on a mid-engine supercar, allowing the Vanquish to return to its front-engine roots at some point, but a more likely application is an electric SUV.

Aston Martin has become known as a front-engine GT manufacturer, and it needs a somewhat accessible mid-engine sports car to change that image to something more sporting. Thus, we expect some sort of new supercar to be announced at some point in 2024. It just won't be called Vanquish, and it won't have a V6.

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