700-HP Ferrari 488 GT Modificata Is The Most Ferocious 488 Yet

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It combines elements from the 488 GT3 and 488 GTE racers.

Last week, Lamborghini lifted the wraps off the Huracan STO, a new extreme track weapon that replaces the Huracan Performante. Not to be outdone, Ferrari has unveiled the new 488 GT Modificata, a limited edition track monster that incorporates technology developed for the 488 GT3 and 488 GTE racers based on the road-going 488 GTB. Unlike the Huracan STO, the 488 GT Modificata is not road legal as it can only be tamed at track days or Ferrari Club Competizioni GT events.

In short, this is the most ferocious Ferrari 488 yet. As the name implies, the GT Modificata has been extensively modified to produce even more power than its GT3 and GTE siblings. Free from the shackles of FIA racing restrictions, the car's twin-turbocharged V8 unit has been uprated to around 700 horsepower.

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The new 488 GT Modificata combines components from the 488 GTE that competes in the World Endurance Championship and the 488 GT3, which represent some of the most successful racers in Ferrari's history, along with new technology. The suspension is borrowed from the 488 GTE, while the brakes were developed by Brembo with low residual torque calipers that are fitted to world championship cars. The ABS system has been carried over from the 488 GT3 Evo 2020 with specific settings.

To improve the performance out on the track, the 488 GT Modificata features completely revamped high-downforce aerodynamics, shifting the pressure center forward.

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This generates higher downforce at the front without increasing the overall drag, resulting in "better efficiency and sensitivity to changes in rear wing angle." Like the 488 GTE, the GT Modificata's body is made entirely from carbon fiber apart from the aluminum roof and upright, helping the car generate over 2,204 pounds of downforce at 142 mph.

Standard equipment for the 488 GT Modificata includes a V-Box acquisition system, a Bosch telemetry data acquisition system enabling data to be downloaded to a USB stick, a high-resolution rear-view camera, a second seat, and a TPMS system for measuring tire temperature and pressure. Ferrari is also offering extensive customization options for the exterior and interior.

Production of the 488 GT Modificata will be extremely limited, but Ferrari hasn't released any specific numbers. Initially, Ferrari's new track weapon will only be offered to drivers who have competed in Competizioni GT with Ferrari or Club Competizioni GT.

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