700HP Mustang Takes on 1,000HP Truck

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A little nitrous oxide boost is just what the car doctor ordered.

Los Angeles has long been the place where street races dominate the highways at night. Often illegally. But whatever, street races often bring out some of the most insane homemade cars their owners wouldn't dare to show off during daytime hours. They'd scare the locals into calling the cops. For this little night racing session a 700 horsepower Ford Mustang goes up against a very unlikely competitor: an old Chevrolet C10 pickup truck.

But this isn't just any old pickup as it has been given some extra juice (let's call it nitrous oxide) that not only nearly rips the thing in half, but also sounds brilliant in the process. In fact both cars create tons of noise and smoke, and they both look completely badass as they destroy the nighttime peace and quiet.

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