702-HP Ram TRX Would Make The Perfect Ramcharger SUV

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Or maybe even a Jeep Grand Wagoneer Trackhawk.

Once upon a time, Dodge offered a full-size SUV called the Ramcharger, which competed against the Chevrolet K5 Blazer and Ford Bronco. Dodge built the Ramcharger from 1974 to 1993 before replacing it with the Durango. There was even a Plymouth version called the Trail Duster, which was offered from 1974 to 1981. With the Bronco returning and gas prices low, could now be the perfect moment to bring back the Ramcharger?

Rendering artist, Oscar V, took an opportunity to design his interpretation of a modern-day Ramcharger on Instagram. Based on the recently-revealed 2021 Ram 1500 TRX, this 702 horsepower super-SUV looks like an instant winner. But would Ram ever build it?

wb.artist20 / Instagram

Several third-party companies offer an SUV conversion for the Ford F-150 Raptor, using the parts from the old Excursion. While Ford has never offered such a creation from the factory, third-party efforts with the Raptor leave us hopeful that the aftermarket will create a real-life version of this TRX-based Ramcharger for wealthy customers who prefer an SUV to a pickup truck.

The original Ramcharger used a shortened version of the Dodge D Series pickup trunk platform, so it would only make sense for a modern version to use the Ram 1500's architecture. With the massive wheelbase of the Ram 1500, the Ramcharger could offer similar space, as found in the Chevy Suburban and Ford Expedition Max.


The chances of Ram putting this vehicle into production seem minuscule, but crazier things have happened. After all, this is the same company that just announced a 710-hp Hellcat version of the Durango SUV. If anything, this Ramcharger rendering could serve as a preview for the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer SUV, which could use the same underpinnings as the Ram 1500. Jeep's styling would look vastly different to the Ram TRX, but the possibility of a flagship supercharged variant seems very much in play.


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