710-HP Roush JackHammer Mustang Looks Ready To Kill The Hellcat

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Guess how many horses.

The mad mechanics over at Roush Performance have bolted the company's TVS 2650 Supercharger to the Mustang's stock 5.0-liter V8 in order to create a 710-horsepower Hellcat hunter. It's basically the Shelby GT500 you can't buy yet. Ford has already promised a GT500 would arrive with more than 700-hp sometime in 2019, but there's always someone with an itchy trigger finger, looking for what's fast, hot, and on sale now. Enter Roush.


Bring Roush your new Mustang GT, and they'll turn it into a 2018 Roush JackHammer Mustang with a rap sheet of special upgrades. Besides the big bolt-on blower, it gets new radiator components, extreme-duty half shafts, a high-flow fascia, new heat extractors on the hood. Plus, there are handling upgrades like a height-adjustable coil-over suspension, Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires, and standard house-made gloss black wheels. There's a pair of quad tipped exhausts available as optional extras, along with a 3-way adjustable coil-over suspension. On the flanks it gets the company's customary hockey stripe decals reserved for only the highest of performing ponies.

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Buyers can choose if they want a racing stripe that runs the length of the car as well. Inside, you get tasteful Roush branding on the dash, new embroidered floor mats, and illuminated door sills. According to the new configurator, you can equip Roush branded Recaros, or leather bucket seating for a cost. Roush's upgrade is available only for the fastback Mustang GT, but it doesn't matter what transmission it's equipped with. The package will set you back $14,765 above what it will cost you to buy a new Mustang GT, and also includes a 5-year 60,000-mile limited powertrain warranty. However, the company is only planning to make 200 of them, so if you want one, you know what to do.

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