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75 Percent Of Americans Say No To Self-Driving Cars

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Do people really want autonomous cars?

Global market research and consulting firm, Ipsos, attempted to figure out if consumers are really as in favor of self-driving technology as the car companies would have us believe. For the study, Ipsos surveyed 21,549 consumers from 28 countries between the ages of 18-24 between November 27th, 2017 to December 8th, 2017, which means the data was collected before an Uber self-driving Volvo killed a pedestrian, a GM EV was ticketed for endangering a pedestrian, and Tesla's Autopilot caused another death.

According to the findings, less than a quarter of Americans and fewer than 20 percent of Canadians are in favor of self-drivingcars,or consider themselves eager to use them. Outside of North America, the average number grew to 30 percent—but that's still a far cry from the alleged majority clamoring for the technology to go mainstream. Furthermore, 24 percent said they were totally against the idea of autonomous vehicles and would never use one. It's not all doom and gloom, however, as 37 percent said they would own a car with semi-autonomous aids, but just 12 percent said they would be interested in some kind of autonomous car-sharing service.

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Americans did express interest in self-parking and adaptive cruise control technologies. 58 percent said they would use self-parking software if it was at their disposal, while 53 percent said they would use autonomous technology on the highway or duringlong-drives. Ipsos also revealed an interesting political split with 58 percent of Democrat voters and 67 percent of Republican voters describing themselves as car enthusiasts, meaning that this study spoke mainly to people who aren't all that interested in autonomy anyways. The company claims this is evidence of a very real and impending culture war between autonomous evangelicals and those who would rather just do the work themselves.