750,000-Mile Tesla Proves EVs Can Be Reliable

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Not even Tesla's questionable build quality has stopped this Model S.

Electric cars are becoming an ever-increasing part of the automotive conversation. You could be talking about Pikes Peak and the VW ID.R will come up. You could be talking about luxury and the Mercedes-Benz EQS could slip into the conversation. But no matter what, the name Tesla will always be mentioned at some stage. It's the car that brought electric vehicles into the mainstream spotlight, but still, there have been concerns about the reliability of EVs and their complexity. However, one Tesla Model S owner has been proving people wrong by racking up well over 1 million kilometers - over 621,000 miles - in one car that he's owned since 2014. But now Hansjörg Gemmingen is almost at 750,000 miles.

Hansjörg Gemmingen
Hansjorg von Gemmingen
Hansjörg Gemmingen

Unsurprisingly, Tesla boss Elon Musk, who is no stranger to EVs that have gone to the moon and back, retweeted the post and congratulated the Model S owner on the achievement. Many are now wondering if he will be able to achieve a million miles behind the wheel too. If so, that would equate to over 1.6 million kilometers. That's the same as going around the circumference of the earth almost FORTYtimes. It's not the first Tesla the owner has done serious mileage in either, as he previously ran a Tesla Roadster for more than 330,000 miles.

Hansjörg Gemmingen
Hansjörg Gemmingen
Hansjörg Gemmingen

Naturally, von Gemmingen's time with his Model S hasn't been completely care-free.

In his time with the car, a P85 model, von Gemmingen has had the battery replaced at around 292,000 miles while three electric motors have been replaced over the initial million kilometers with the car. Fortunately, these repairs were all covered under warranty, so it hasn't been an expensive ownership period thus far. Considering that this was all achieved with a P85, an early version of the Model S with older battery tech and fewer electric motors, the future seems bright for owners of contemporary Tesla owners, especially with a million-mile battery in the cards. Competitors are going to have to match or better this kind of track record is Tesla's stranglehold on the electric car market is ever to be loosened.

2012-2016 Tesla Model S Front View Driving Tesla
2012-2016 Tesla Model S Front View Tesla
2012-2016 Tesla Model S Side View Driving Tesla

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2012-2016 Tesla Model S Side View Driving
2012-2016 Tesla Model S Front View Driving
2012-2016 Tesla Model S Front View

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