750Li Gets the Individual Treatment

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Unique Bimmer flagship gets $25k worth of optional extras for a rather distinct look.

How much would you spend on options when buying a new car? A grand? Two? Five? Try twenty-five grand on for size. That's how much special equipment this particular BMW 7 Series is carrying. The car in question is a 2013 BMW 750Li that has been ordered through the Bavarian automaker's Individual program that allows for a wide range of customization options. In this case, that includes a Laguna Seca (or French racing) blue paint and a whole mess of other options.

The long-wheelbase sedan has also been fitted with a customized cabin to complement the body shade, as well as M Sport packages for both interior and exterior, the Executive and Assistance packages and more. As a result its $90,500 base price has jumped to $115,695. Ordered from the factory by Century West BMW of North Hollywood, it's now available for purchase on eBay.

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