777-Hp Ferrari 488 Spider Is Not Your Average Supercar

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This car ticks every single box.

Ferrari is working on a more extreme variant of the 488 in the shape of the 700-hp 488 GTO. But not only will that be highly limited and almost impossible to attain (unless you own half-a-dozen models already or are prepared to pay double the retail price), it's also at least a year away. Those wanting a hardcore 488 right now have very few choices, one of them coming courtesy of German tuner Wheelsandmore with its Ferrari 488 GTS Triple Seven (no prizes for guessing why).

The Teutonic tuning house has applied its skills in giving the mid-engined supercar upgrades in the visual, acoustic, and performance departments. In regards the latter, Wheelsandmore remapped the engine's ECU, added a F1 air filter and replaced the exhaust as part of its stage III performance upgrade. The result is a significant increase over the Ferrari 488 Spider's output, with the 488 GTS Triple Seven delivering 777 horsepower and 660 lb-ft of torque, up from 670 hp and 561 lb-ft. That gives the 3.9-liter V8-powered Ferrari more muscle than the V12-powered F12, and doubtless improves upon the 488's 3-second 0-62 mph time and 203 mph top speed.

In the looks department, Wheelsandmore added a set of 21-inch F.I.W.E. wheels finished in matte black with a polished centerlock cover. An exhaust valve control enables owners to adjust the V8's soundtrack with the touch of a button, while the tuning house says it can apply all the aforementioned upgrades to the 488 GTB too.

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