780-HP Turbocharged Toyota Supra Takes on All Comers on the Street


Heavily modified American supercars challenge monster Supra on the street.

When the camera car is a C6 Corvette Z06 then you know that something tasty is on the other side of the lens. Battling out on the Texas streets is a modified Supra boosted to 780 horsepower with a Precision 6766 turbo, E85 fuel and Mickey Thompson drag radials. The night time street battle begins with a duel against a 900-hp ZR1 Corvette that looks and sounds like a beast, while another 1,000-hp Supra also gets in on the act, giving the ZR1 something to think about.

The cars are then joined by an Auto TT Mustang GT boosted to 750 hp and a modified C6 ZO7X. All of them are pushing it, yet it's a Nissan GT-R that gets pulled over by the cops. Excellent decoy there guys.

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