787 Suzuki Jimnys Just Set A New Guinness World Record

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But not the record you're thinking...

This past weekend, 787 Suzuki Jimnys set a new Guinness World Record for the most cars simultaneously switching on their headlights. Suzuki Auto South Africa set the curious record at Jimny Gathering 2023, an event held in Clarens, South Africa, where 796 Jimnys (801 if you include the five on the heritage display) from across the southern tip of Africa grouped together in a show of like-mindedness and passion for the small off-roader America has been so cruelly denied.

At the event, there was an abundance of Jimnys across four generations gathered, including the new Jimny five-door. The event culminated in a world record attempt when 787 of the Jimnys switched on their lights in a five-second window, with Guinness World Records on hand to certify the achievement.

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The three-day festival was held in honor of the Jimny, which has developed a reputation globally as an extremely capable mini off-roader with looks akin to that of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. (Actually, the Jimny predates the G-Class, so the G-Class actually looks like a Jimny.)

Originally intended as a 50th birthday celebration for the Jimny in 2020, the event was curtailed by a global pandemic, but the intent to host the event remained strong in the minds of the passionate souls who work at Suzuki Auto South Africa.

The event may also have been one of the largest gatherings of Jimnys in the world, although, at this time, that has not yet been confirmed.

Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki

The Jimny is now in its fourth generation after debuting in 1970 as a kei-class off-roader. It has all the hallmarks of a classic off-roader, like a body-on-frame chassis and low-range transfer case, and its minute dimensions and compact wheelbase have afforded it supreme off-road ability, albeit at the expense of compromised on-road driving dynamics at times. That hasn't stopped Japanese owners from building them into insane little track weapons, though.

When we test drove the current generation in South Africa a few years ago, we described it as being almost too good at what it does, making off-roading almost too easy.

Earlier this year, the first-ever five-door Jimny was revealed, expanding the appeal of the tiny off-roader even more, and the brand has confirmed an electric Jimny is in the pipeline.

When the fourth-generation Jimny debuted in 2018, more than 2.85 million Jimnys had been sold in more than 190 countries, with that figure only set to grow.

Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki

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