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8 Custom Ford Mustangs You’re Gonna Love Or Hate

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Bound for SEMA 2015.

We previously revealed the custom F-150s that Ford announced it was bringing to SEMA 2015. The Blue Oval has now confirmed these will be joined by eight custom Mustangs, created by eight separate aftermarket specialists. While individual, the majority have received some sort of modification to their 2.3-liter EcoBoost engines. Bisimoto has created the most potent of the bunch, dialing the four-banger up to 900 hp thanks in part to an upgraded turbocharger and Infinity 6 ECU. It also added a custom body kit and 19-inch Fifteen52 alloys.

Focused on the 5.0-liter supercharged V8, upping output to 727 hp and adding 21-inch candy red wheels, while MAD Industries has boosted a convertible Stang to 725 hp, as well as using Pure Black with Brilliant Blue contrast paint and a blue leather and suede interior. The DRAGG Mustang is already being dubbed the "sexiest police vehicle you will see outside of Dubai," with a black and white paint job, carbon-fiber body kit, 20-inch alloys by Velgen, a custom push bar, police lighting package and police coms system. Performance mods include BAMA tuning by American Muscle and an Air Lift suspension. Ice Nine Group's custom Stang is inspired by the Shelby GT350R and DTM Touring cars, with 475 hp on tap.

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CGS offers a convertible with custom alloys staggered 21/22 inch front/rear, while TS Designs also used a convertible to show off its widebody Stang with 13-inch wide rubber and lowering springs. Bojix Design brings up the rear with a distinctive color theme and selection of performance and chassis mods.