$8 Million Sold-Gold Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB

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Fully-armored and fully-golden, the Phantom EWB is truly an awesome sight to behold.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB features armored technology certified by the 'Germen Government Beschussamt Munchen.' It can withstand gunfire from AK-47s and Dragunov sniper rifles. If a hand grenade were to go off outside the vehicle, your tray-table wouldn't shake. Your tray-table is made of gold. The gold alone inside and outside your Rolls-Royce costs $7 million dollars.

The extravagant Phantom was created by design firm Stuart Hughes, purveyors of such works like the $8 million iPad 2 or the most expensive yacht ever, the $4.8 billion History Supreme. He created the Phantom in tandem with the aptly-named Swiss company Eurocash AG. 265lbs of 18K gold adorn all aspects of the car. Basic chrome-plated features were replaced by solid gold, such as the door handles, trunk-lid trim, hinges, RR wheel logos and folding-down tables in the back. The grille is made out of pure gold and was designed to resemble a bank. 18K gold was used, as it is more scratch resistance and more durable than 24K gold.

The very valuable vehicle is one of the first two armored Rolls-Royce Phantom EWBs in the world. The purchaser of the $8 million car has chosen to remain anonymous, however he was described as a 'businessman form the Middle East.' In total, it took 18 months total to complete production.

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