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8-Second Toyota Corolla Makes It Look Easy

All of those amazing things people say about the AE86, not just hype.

The Toyota AE86 remains one of those legends of the tuning world. A lightweight, RWD and extremely well-laid out chassis, the AE86 was one of the all-time best starting points for building a badass street machine. And if you have so much as a hint of doubt as to the validity of that statement, the following video will amaze you. It is of an AE86 Corolla that runs the quarter mile in the high 8s, no Supra engine or anything, just 45lbs(!) of boost.

But perhaps one of the best parts about this car is that looks pretty much stock. It’s in good shape for its age, but it could pull up to you at the lights and you have no idea how badly you were about to be stomped.

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