8-Year-Old Gets Tooth Pulled Out By A Camaro

One of our favorite videos of 2015.

If you’re too lazy or cheap to visit the dentist, there are creative ways to extract a tooth that don’t require using a pair of pliers. The old tying string from an open door handle to a tooth works a treat, but this dad-of-the-year decided his Chevy Camaro would do the trick just fine. After attaching some string to his eight-year-old’s presumably wobbly tooth and the back of his car (note the license plate says “Balls”), this no-nonsense pop floors it, albeit without using launch control so as to avoid spinning rocks into the kid’s face. Thoughtful.

At the time of this video’s release we couldn’t decide where it was hilarious or child abuse. Either way its better than having maggots inside your gums.

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