800-HP BMW M5 Comes Dripping In Orange Carbon


With power and noise to match its outrageous body.

Japan's 3Ddesign has unleashed another study in extreme design, with its latest project, the F10 BMW M5. Germany's Carbonfiber Dynamics tasked the tuner with giving the high-powered sedan a new look with a series of carbon-fiber upgrades. These include a beautifully designed front lip, side sills, diffuser and rear spoiler, while the Fire Orange body color (borrowed from the E92 GTS) provides the perfect visual complement to the lightweight add-ons.

Unique styling is further aided with a set of 21-inch alloys by Vossen, while the performance of the M5 has been turned up to 11, with "some modifications" to the engine, twin turbos and exhaust system, helping to take output to a monstrous 818 horsepower. The result is a 0-62 mph time of around 3.4 seconds, with 124 mph coming in at around 10 seconds. 3Ddesign also offers the carbon-fiber package for the BMW M4 and M6. Prices are available upon request.

Source Credits: www.cf-dynamics.de

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