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800-HP Ford Mustang Is A $40,000 Performance Bargain

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This install is so discrete, your challengers won't know what hit 'em.

Ohio dealer, Lebanon Ford Performance knows a thing or two about extracting massive, reliable horsepower out of Mustangs. It has offered supercharging and turbocharging packages for years, but now it has pulled what must be one of the best price/performance upgrades out of the bag for the 2018 and 2019 model year Mustangs.

Namely a $39,995 twin-turbo upgrade that boosts the 5.0-liter V8's 460 hp up to an astounding 800 hp. And yes, the price includes the car as well, a base 2019 6-speed manual GT fastback.

The LFP Street Sleeper package is one of Lebanon's Pick Your Power range and it would have cost you $51,995 last year, so the value proposition has well and truly been met. The package itself includes a twin turbo system along with the required fuelling and tuning upgrades and installation.

The turbos are mounted underneath the engine which makes anyone taking a casual look under the hood think you are running a stock car. That is until you leave them for dead away from the lights.

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Lebanon Performance Parts keeps track of each build in its official registry which is good to know if you end up buying a used example one day. Despite the massive 800 hp output, a 5lb wastegate spring keeps the peak boost at only 7PSI.

A second 7lb wastegate spring is included free of charge and will liberate up another 200 hp, but before you get too excited, LFP highly recommends that you also upgrade some other components first such as the boost pump, injectors and half shafts. If you really have the need for extreme speed, LFP can extract up to 200 hp out of your Mustang, for a price.

This upgrade, as well as the 'standard' 800 hp package, can be ordered straight from LFP on a new Mustang and it also offers suspension, tire and wheel upgrades too. Considering that a base 5.0-liter Mustang starts at around $36,350, the 800 hp upgrade seems like a hell of a deal, even if you decide to have it retrofitted to your current car the Street Sleeper package is still a very keen $6,395.