800HP Brabus Mercedes C-Class Gets More Power

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When 800 horsepower simply isn't enough.

Back in early 2012 Brabus unveiled what it claimed to be the world's most powerful Mercedes-Benz C-Class. It had a total of 800 horsepower, a top speed of 230 mph and it cost an insane $600,000. The tuner made this all happen by taking the V12 from the previous-gen S-Class and stuffing it under the hood of the smaller C-Class. They then increased its displacement from 5.5- to 6.3-liters and added a pair of turbochargers. The result was so powerful that its total torque output had to be electronically limited to 811 lb-ft.

If that wasn't done, then the transmission would have totally collapsed. It was damn incredible. Now GAD Motors has gone a few steps closer to complete lunacy and we're in love. Presenting the GAD Brabus Mercedes-Benz C-Class, thanks to an upgrade of the turbos, intercoolers, and a few other mechanicals, the thing produces a total of 907 hp. That's worth repeating: 907 hp. Torque remains unchanged (can't imagine why), but the car will now go from 0-186 mph in just 23.5 seconds. Pricing for the new work wasn't announced, but we're sure it'll be worth every penny.

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Source Credits: gad-motors.de

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