810-HP Lamborghini Urus Black Edition Is Not Your Average SUV

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Famous tuner in Germany releases a Dubai-only Lambo Super-SUV.

It seems there is no shortage of easy and cheap money to borrow these days. And instead of putting it into sound investments like real estate and blue-chip stocks, the car-buying market continues to get more manic. It seems like a daily occurrence when someone has paid the most ever at a car auction or a dealer is getting in trouble for absurd 100% markups. The reality is, the pricey Lamborghini Urus became the best-selling Lamborghini almost overnight, but its high-end clientele wanted to tune it to set it apart from the SUV masses. Enter the Urus 800 Black Edition from German-tuner Manhart with a viable solution for the super-SUV.

Manhart is well-known for its impressive BMW creations and obnoxiously long, ambiguous model names but is relatively new to building tuned Lamborghinis. But the company's Urus 800 and this Black Edition variant are far more than just appearance packages.

Manhart Manhart

Based on Manhart's existing Urus builds, this package will include signature colors and carbon fiber bits. And while there may not be a large market for a modified version of the Urus, that market gets even smaller as this vehicle is only available in Dubai.

Yes, Dubai might be big on supercars but the overall population is microscopic. At 3.3 million residents, Dubai is smaller than most major cities in North America but still, Manhart operates a showroom there, where this Black Edition will call home until it goes to its forever home.

The menacing look of this super-SUV is a satin black finish with striking matte gold accents and an offset racing stripe. Only three images were supplied, so we've added Manhart's previous Urus build (in yellow below) for comparison. The aesthetics are augmented with carbon fiber accents and advanced aero like the front lip spoiler, rear spoiler, and the finned rear diffuser. The wheels are Manhart's Concave One design sized in 23x10.5 and 23x12 inches to accommodate 285/35R23 and 325/30R23 rubber.


With an exterior to show-up everyone, the Urus 800 has more jam to back it up. A full stainless steel Manhart dual exhaust setup has been added along with four 100 mm carbon fiber tips. Manhart has also developed an in-house twin-turbo kit with larger intercoolers and a tune to make it all play nice together. The end result is an already insanely fast SUV with 650 horsepower now bumped to 810 hp.

Finally, the interior has been ramped up with a 16-piece carbon and gold accent package and custom embroidered seats. No word on pricing or availability yet but this is a limited market vehicle and considering the modifications are not TUV-approved, it can't even be driven legally in the German homeland.

Manhart Manhart Manhart Manhart

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