Special Edition

81K Crystal-Encrusted Peugeot RCZ Driven by British Celebs

How much is too much you might ask? Try 81,000 crystals.

The CarBuzz crew has never heard of the British TV show 'The Only Way is Essex' because we aren't British nor do we find their jolly brand of comedy amusing. Well, apparently there is a pair of girls on the show that love to live in excess, namely Billi Muchlow and Cara Kilbey. We have also never heard of the 'Essex vajazzle,' but after a quick Google search weren't disappointed. You should do the same. In any case, these TOWIE gals have vajazzled the heck out of a silver Peugeot RCZ and affixed over 81,000 crystals to the French coupe.

Apparently this is a limited edition RCZ built specifically for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which takes place this weekend. Cara described her day on Twitter, saying "With @BilliMucklow on our way to launch our Limited Edition Peugeot RCZ Bling Whip #diamonds." A French coupe to commemorate the British Queen? We've seen stranger pairs before. Check out the lasses and their special edition diamond-encrusted Peugeot RCZ in the pics below.

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