820-HP Kevlar-Bodied BMW M2 Uses Chevy V8 To Execute Set After Set Of Tires

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Watch it commit unspeakable atrocities to this set of rear rubbers.

Not like it's hard to misconstrue the entire point of a custom build when it's facing you at a sideways angle with tire smoke pouring out of the rear wheel wells, but there is legitimately more to this custom BMW M2 build than initially meets the eye. Theatrics aside, it pays to get up close and personal with HGK's "Eurofighter," and thankfully there's a Speedhunters article on the build we found via Jalopnik. In it, we learn that the strange looking body panels are actually kevlar.

It's what's under the hood, though, that's most impressive because in lieu of the 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six, famed drift car tuner HGK went with a small block Chevy V8 engine. Without any forced induction meddling, the engine makes a total of 820 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and a staunch 678 lb-ft of torque.

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Even without a flat turbo torque curve, there's at least 590 lb-ft available from 4,000 RPM, but thanks to the unimpeded roar of the engine, you'd be forgiven for spending plenty of time close to the 8,000 rpm redline. Power still goes to the rear, which is obvious when you consider that this car is built to be judge, jury, and inevitable executioner to its set of rear tires. Its appetite for tire smoke is easily satiated by the engine's power output alone, but being built to Formula Drift standards, it has to compete too, which is why clever weight management has helped this M2 tip the scales at only 2,645 pounds. In short, this thing is a one-off piece of enviable magic. We're even lucky to get a taste like this.

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