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825 HP: That’s the Real Power Output of the Dodge Charger Hellcat


707 just sounds better.

Did Dodge really just pick 707 as the Charger Hellcat’s horsepower output as the number looks and sounds good for marketing purposes? Jalopnik thinks that could well be the case, having received a tip from an anonymous Chrysler source who claims they clocked the Hellcat at 825 horsepower on the dyno. Other tests put it at around 720 hp, while the source says buyers should expect around 630 hp at the wheels. We'll take that.

However, the same source revealed they had “extreme issues” meeting the Hellcat’s advertised emission requirements – not that buyers will care too much about that, but doubtless is something the carmaker will find a novel way to solve. Finally, the blabber mouth revealed the SRT name is here to stay. Apparently, having SRT as a separate entity from Dodge or Chrysler, helps take advantage of loopholes for overall fleet MPG and emission requirements.

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