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840-HP Dodge Demon Vs. 1000-HP Hennessey Corvette ZR1

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Is it a total annihilation or too close to call?

Any car that claims to be the fastest or quickest at anything is inevitably going to have a massive bullseye on its bumper with manufacturers and tuners doing their best to prove it wrong.

Ever since the Dodge Challenger Demon arrived it has been put up against more sports cars, supercars and even hypercars down a dragstrip than possibly anything this side of Dom's 10-second Supra. Hennessey has long been offering mega power upgrades to already powerful cars, its motto, after all, is 'Making Fast Cars Faster'.

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Hennessey's C7 Corvette ZR1 packages range from the merely mad 850HPE (850 horsepower) to the full-on mental 1200HPE offerings. To show what this sort of performance looks like on the road they took the 1,000-hp 1000HPE ZR1 and put it up against an 840-hp Dodge Challenger Demon.

This mid-range upgrade (if you can ever call a 1,000-hp option that) includes a custom camshaft, ported cylinder heads, new intake and exhaust valves as well as plenty of other modifications to ensure all the oily bits stay under the hood instead of exploding in a metal-shard fireworks display.

Pitting them against each other from a rolling start the ZR1 takes a clear lead right from the off and extends its advantage right up to an indicated 140 mph. Now clearly the car with the 160-hp advantage and lighter curb weight is going to win here but some of that advantage is also down to what looks like the Challenger needing to get into the right gear before it could really put its power down.

The Demon is also set up to give its best from a standing start, which, when the conditions are right means a 9.65-second quarter mile time. Hennessey claims that the 1000HPE ZR1 can do a 9.4-second quarter mile when fitted with the optional rear drag radial tires. With on-road tires, it manages a video verified 9.79-seconds. Then again, there is always the HPE1200 ZR1 to consider if you need a little extra firepower. And don't worry Demon fans, Hennessey offers both a 1,000-hp and 1,200-hp upgrade for you too.