840 HP Hypercar Development-Tuned McLaren 12C Sounds Amazing

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Matt Farah meets up with Hypercar Development and it's tuned 840 hp McLaren 12C for a One Take test drive.

With production of the McLaren 12C having ended a couple of years ago, owners are looking for more performance without having to replace it with a more expensive alternative. Thankfully, companies like Hypercar Development offer upgrades to the 12C such as the Hyper800 package that sees power climb to well over the 800 hp mark for the princely sum of $34,900. Tuners are always keen to show off, which is why they met up with The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah for one of his popular One Take reviews.

The upgrade package takes the McLaren's 12C output of 616 hp on the crank up to a very impressive 837 hp. More speed and an amazing soundtrack result.

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To get that power up, there's been a fair bit of development. It sounds so good thanks to race-spec catalytic convertors and a full Inconel exhaust system, but the real power comes from ECU tuning. The Hypercar Development crew spent a full two years on the fine tuning and managed to extract a decent amount of power. McLaren released the car to the public with just over 600 hp, but that was really for safety, as given it was the carmaker's first production model, the tune was mild. On this car, with an older tune, it ran an impressive 197 mph top speed on the standing mile, while on the same day a stock 12C was running low 180s. Time for some hardware upgrades too...

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