'87 Honda Civic CRX Si Is Still Driven by This Fanboy

After more than 25 years, he just can't drive anything else.

Christopher Hoffman is a proud Honda fan, having convinced his mother back in 1977 aged just 14 to buy a Civic Wagon. When he realized that his local Honda owners club pretty much sucked, he took charge and quickly organized actual driving events. Jump forward to 1987, Hoffman buys his first brand new car: a Civic CRX Si. And he's been driving it ever since. Although it may not look like much from the outside, the little hatchback has become a cult favorite.

It’s powerful (considering its small size), fuel efficient, lightweight, rock solid reliable, and tons of fun to drive. Hoffman vowed to himself while driving the car for the first time to keep it forever. So far he hasn’t broken that personal promise.

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