9,000 Gallons Of Unleaded Fuel Caught On Fire In Detroit And This Is What It Looked Like

Good thing it wasn't in a residential area.

This past Sunday wasn’t the best day in Detroit. A tanker truck filled with 9,000 gallons of unleaded fuel caught on fire after it overturned on a bridge due to likely mechanical failure. The tanker’s driver, who managed to escape unharmed, claims the back tires of the rig somehow locked up. A fire soon erupted which resulted in tall flames and thick black smoke plumes. Entrance ramps to I-375 northbound were all closed and traffic was stopped for several hours on I-75 as well as I-375.

Firefighters had the blaze under control within an hour, but some of the fuel managed to flow into the city’s sewer system. Officials claim there’s absolutely no risk of contamination to the water supply or damage to the environment. Still though, just watching this video of being near those flames is damn scary.

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