9 Cars Marty McFly Needs To Drive Today When He Arrives From 1985


Whoa, this is heavy.

At 4:29 PM today, Marty McFly and Doc Brown will be arriving in Hill Valley, California, from the year 1985. Happy Back to the Future Day – it's October 21, 2015. I've been waiting for this since Back to the Future Part II came out in 1989, so excuse my extreme nerdom. OK, so we may not have Mr. Fusion generators, automotive hover conversions (let alone hoverboards), or automatic dog walkers, but the real 2015 does have these 7 cars on sale right now that are totally worthy of a test drive by Marty.

The Koenigsegg One:1 just looks like something from the future. That wing. That engine. That interior. Everything. About the only thing it can't do is fly. Mr. von Koenigsegg…shouldn't that be your next great creation? Please say yes.


Many consider the Tesla Model S the future. It's a pure EV, has a touchscreen display, power and performance, and many other electronic gizmos. Oh, and it looks pretty damn cool, too.

Of course anybody arriving from the past will want to know what a modern day Ferrari is like, and the 488 GTB is the ideal example. Not only is it Ferrari's so-called bread and butter model, it also happens to have a standard 661 hp. The mid-engined 328 GTB from 1985 only had 270 hp. 0-60 mph? 5.5 seconds. Yep, Ferrari has come a long way.

Not until 1992 did McLaren launch its first road car, the iconic F1. In other words, Marty (if he was into motorsport) would only know McLaren as a racing team. That's not the case anymore and the best example is the all-new 570S.


Marty has a history with a certain Rolls-Royce owner who pressed charges against him for crashing into it. Good thing the guy wasn't driving today's Rolls-Royce Wraith. Scraping the front bumper alone with a toothpick would have cost Marty a fortune.


The "hot" custom Toyota Xtra Cab 4x4 that became Marty's new ride really is a sweet pickup. Wouldn't he want to check out the latest version, the 2015 Tacoma?


Did you notice the car Biff Tannen was finishing up with the second coat of wax? Well, Biff's a liar and he was really just starting the second coat on George McFly's 1984 BMW 733i. The elder McFly could have at least let his son take the big German sedan for a spin every now and then. He owes Marty big time for saving him from being a permanent loser. So what would George opt for today? The latest 7 Series, of course.


Griff Tannen drove/flew a BMW 633 CSi in 2015 and like all other cars from fictional 2015, it looked like an 80s car with lots of fake parts glued all over it. Today's M6 Cabrio, if you think about it, could still be a gang leader's ride. Why not? It's stylish, shows you've got cash, and has more than enough performance cred for a high speed chase with the cops.

The Electric DeLorean. Just because. Like I said, I'm a nerd. Had to include this one. No apologies.

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