9-Cylinder Chopper from Germany

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Those zany Germans are at it again, this time building a chopper around a nine-piston radial engine.

Most motorcycles have one cylinder or two. Some (like Triumph) make three-cylinder motorbikes. Honda makes a V6. And the Boss Hoss packs a Corvette V8 into a motorcycle frame. But this is even bigger. Hailing from Germany is this custom chopper with a nine-cylinder radial engine. Despite all those pistons (or maybe because of them), it's got no exhaust, no silencers… not much of anything else, really, but that giant engine mounted transversely across the front of the bike.

The clip below comes from Motorrad magazine (by way of Road & Track), so if you're not fluent in German, you probably won't understand what they're rambling about. But the sound of the nine-piston radial engine requires no translation.

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Source Credits: www.roadandtrack.com

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