9 Fake Ferraris That Really Aren't All That Bad


We still wouldn't drive one though.

We've all seen replica, aka fake, Ferraris over the years. Most of them suck, and you may wonder how anyone is ballsy enough to drive them around. However, there are some that, honestly, really aren't all that bad. In fact, the work done to the donor car is even commendable. Typical donor cars can range from a Corvette to a Toyota MR2 Spyder to even a Nissan 300ZX. And there's always the Pontiac Fiero for any fake supercar transformation needs. But we found 10 replica Ferraris that really do look pretty good, considering they're fakes and all.

Nothing like taking a perfectly good C4 Corvette and turning it into the Testarossa convertible that never existed (except on "Miami Vice," and it was white).

Ferrari 360 Modena? Nope, it's really a Toyota MR2 Spyder.

Wait, is that a Ferrari F430. Not quite. Try a Mercury Cougar.

That Cougar really gets around because this time it's become a 458.

Nice try but this ain't no 308 GTB. It's a Toyota Celica.

Holy crap! Is that a Dino?! Nope. A Pontiac Fiero.

This F430 was originally a Celica.

Presenting the Pontiac Fiero F40.

An MR2 has been turned into an Enzo? Well, kind of.

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