9 New Honda EVs Are Coming: What Models Could They Be?

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We take a few educated guesses.

Known for its innovation and engineering prowess, Honda's curiously late arrival to the EV party is rather bizarre. In the US, the brand's lineup may have once included the Fit and Clarity EV but, these days, consumers are left with a flotilla of hybrid options. That's all set to change; the Japanese carmaker recently trademarked nine new electric vehicle names, with three expected to arrive in Europe by 2023.

Honda has remained tightlipped on the matter but has said a model based on the e:Ny1 prototype will join its global offerings, along with a new CR-V and a yet-to-be-announced hybrid SUV.

The e:Ny1 will likely serve as the fully electric derivative of the European HR-V; we know this as the two share nearly identical exterior styling. The coupe-esque look will appeal to style-savvy SUV buyers looking for a more eco-conscious option.

However, the reveal of the e:Ny1 has made us wonder about the rest of the lineup. From a North American perspective, perhaps Honda is aiming to create a coupe-crossover-based lineup of electric SUVs?

CarBuzz Honda Honda 2024 Honda e:Ny1 Front Bumper Honda
2024 Honda e:Ny1 Front Bumper

It would make sense. After all, global consumers are crossover-crazed and electric vehicles are growing stronger in myriad countries, including the USA. The e:Ny1 could serve as the entry point and compete with vehicles such as the Volkswagen ID.4.

The e:Ny2, logically, would most likely go head-to-head with higher-priced mainstream offerings such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Kia EV6, which are both sleekly-styled crossovers.

Then again, it could also be what Honda is calling its battery-powered CR-V. As one of the brand's best-selling current models, an imminent switchover to electric motivation would make a lot of sense. Locally, Honda also offers the Passport and Pilot SUVs, which could take on the e:Ny3 and e:Ny4 nomenclature, respectively. Honda has already confirmed that the Prologue electric SUV is coming to North America in 2024.

These offerings may serve as Honda's riposte to the upcoming Kia EV9, which is set to arrive in 2023. Then again, this could simply be Honda's way of introducing electric alternatives to its most popular passenger cars.

Honda Honda/YouTube Honda/YouTube Honda/YouTube

High interest in the recently revealed Volkswagen ID. Buzz has shown automakers that there is a demand for electric minivans. Honda would do well to remember that the Odyssey, a staple of its range, will need to go electric to survive. This may take the name of e:Ny5. Another segment fit to burst is the battery-powered pickup category. From Ford to Rivian, electric trucks are hot property at the moment.

Perhaps this is the perfect way for Honda to better the Ridgeline, a truck lauded for its civilized road manners and supple ride quality. Bestowing the silence afforded by an electric motor will only improve the existing qualities of the pickup truck. Then again, the e:Ny6 could be an all-new electric truck. As for the remaining model designations, this could point to an assortment of upmarket electric sedans, coupes, or even a cabriolet. This assumption is based upon Honda's reveal of several electric concepts last year, which included a striking sedan and coupe.

CarBuzz 2024 Honda e:Ny1 Emblem Honda
2024 Honda e:Ny1 Emblem

Then again, Honda does cater to the specific needs of various markets with vastly different lineups based on the region. If for the European and Asian markets, it is likely that the nine-vehicle strong range will comprise electric hatchbacks and more compact SUVs, following in the vein of the adorable Honda e. There's even a possibility that these vehicles could spawn more premium derivatives, sold as Acuras in the USA.

With almost every manufacturer readying their respective vehicle ranges, Honda will need to increase the pace when it comes to introducing these vehicles. Ironically, it may have joined the race before it started; the Fit and Clarity EV are proof of that.

However, the company needs to make haste if it wants to survive, as rivals such as Volkswagen and Ford are not wasting any time in restructuring themselves for a battery-powered future. It would be interesting to see what these models eventually present as but, based on current market trends, we're guessing Honda will stick to what is popular and what it does best.

Honda/YouTube Honda/YouTube Honda 2013-2014 Honda Fit EV Taillights Honda
2013-2014 Honda Fit EV Taillights

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