9 Series GT Too Awesome to Come True?

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The passion of classic GT cars is combined with modern BMW styling.

Grand touring cars are a segment many premium automakers don't even bother with. Current examples include the Mercedes SLS AMG and the Ferrari F12berlinetta, and both are insanely expensive. So how about a new BMW GT car that'd be worthy to be called the 8 Series successor? These rendered images of what such a car could look like are the creation of rendering artist Marius Bucan-Nicola. His 9 Series GT is meant to show, given BMW's current design language, what a present day grand Turismo could look like if built.

Its overall profile is sleek and dart-like thanks to a tilted front windscreen and a short rear deck complete with narrow taillights and integrated LED bulbs.

The designer claims some styling inspiration came from the old Ferrari Daytona and the original Maserati Ghibli, but we also see a bit of Mercedes SLR McLaren in there as well. Nothing was mentioned regarding a potential powertrain, but something with a hood this long could easily fit a V12. Now, if only BMW were to green light such a project.

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