9 Series GT Too Awesome to Come True?

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The passion of classic GT cars is combined with modern BMW styling.

Grand touring cars are a segment many premium automakers don't even bother with. Current examples include the Mercedes SLS AMG and the Ferrari F12berlinetta, and both are insanely expensive. So how about a new BMW GT car that'd be worthy to be called the 8 Series successor? These rendered images of what such a car could look like are the creation of rendering artist Marius Bucan-Nicola. His 9 Series GT is meant to show, given BMW's current design language, what a present day grand Turismo could look like if built.

Its overall profile is sleek and dart-like thanks to a tilted front windscreen and a short rear deck complete with narrow taillights and integrated LED bulbs.

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The designer claims some styling inspiration came from the old Ferrari Daytona and the original Maserati Ghibli, but we also see a bit of Mercedes SLR McLaren in there as well. Nothing was mentioned regarding a potential powertrain, but something with a hood this long could easily fit a V12. Now, if only BMW were to green light such a project.

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