Porsche Enthusiasts Are Crying Out For More Lightweight Models

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The Weissach package is so popular, it may trickle down to non-RS models.

Porsche created the Weissach package for the 918, offering weight savings of 88 pounds. The package was extremely popular, and the company has decided to bring it to new RS cars such as the GT2 RS and the recently revealed GT3 RS. Speaking to Digital Trends, Andreas Preuninger, the head of Porsche's GT division, spoke about the popularity of lightweight models and their potential in the future. Porsche developed a Weissach Package for the GT3 RS because the take rate was so high on the GT2 RS.

Preuninger said "Nearly everybody wants this not very inexpensive option. On the 911 GT2 RS, the take rate is 90-percent plus." On the GT3 RS, the package costs $18,000 and sheds around 40 pounds through the use of carbon fiber, lightweight carpeting, and optional magnesium wheels. Porsche fans love the idea of a lighter 911, and the idea could even trickle down to non-RS models. Preuninger said "I think saving weight makes sense in all cars nowadays. A car that is light is always nicer to drive and it uses less gas; this is physics." The company has no immediate plans to offer this option, but "it's definitely something we could look into" he said.

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Unfortunately, Porsche can't just start producing lightweight cars overnight. Preuninger explained "We have to build that up slowly otherwise we can't supply the parts. I won't rule out some lightweight package finding its way to other model lines in the future. We have nothing planned yet, we're very busy; don't expect to see the Cayenne Weissach next month." In one bit of disappointing news from Porsche, Preuninger confirmed that a manual transmission is unlikely for any RS cars. "There's not much demand for one. I don't think we'd have more than a 10-percent take rate," he said. "With the Touring package and the available manual transmission in the normal GT3 we have it sorted in the correct way."

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