900-HP Ferrari 599 Catches Fire In Formula Drift Debut

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Ferrari was literally on fire in its first ever Formula Drift event.

Ferrari finally made its long-awaited debut at this year's Formula Drift season with a 599 GTB packing a supercharged V12 delivering 900 horsepower. It was by far the most anticipated car to enter the drifting event, but unfortunately its debut will be remembered for all the wrong reasons as its appearance was sadly short-lived. During the initial round of the first event on the 2018 Formula Drift season calendar at Long Beach, California, driver Federico Sceriffo clipped one of his competitors, Chelsea DeNofa, who was driving a Ford Mustang.

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The collision sent the Mustang careering into a tire wall - but this was hardly the most major incident of the day. During the second round, Sceriffo seemingly lost all control of the 599 drift car. As he parked up in the run-off area, the car suddenly burst into flames without warning. As you can see in the video, Sceriffo desperately tries to retrieve the car's on-board fire extinguisher.

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Wisely, he soon gives up and lets the safety crew tackle the blaze. Fortunately, Sceriffo managed to escape the car unharmed. By the time the crew arrives, the front of the car is completely engulfed in flames. Photos posted by MotorworldHype show the burnt remains of the car, and it's safe to say the twin-supercharged V12 Ferrari will require some extensive repairs before it returns to the track. As for what caused the fire, a front left suspension component broke off and ruptured a fuel line, causing Sceriffo to lose steering before the car burst into flames. As motorsport debuts go for a car manufacturer, this is about as disastrous as it gets.

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